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Acrobatics-Master Fons Bennink: I can recommend FeetUp® to everyone

Acrobatics-Master Fons Bennink: I can recommend FeetUp® to everyone

My name is Fons and I have been an acrobatics teacher in Holland for over 30 years. During this time, I have seen a lot of crazy exercises and workout tools. Anyone who knows Holland knows that we like things a bit unconventional. Thus, the FeetUp suits us perfectly, which is why I was happy to try it in my class.

Naturally, as an acrobat, I do a lot of standing and upside down exercises in my lessons. However, many of my students experience problems with the hand- and headstand. After all, a hard head on the hard ground is simply not very comfortable. ;-)

The FeetUp Trainer changes that. The cushion is super comfortable and takes the pressure off your head. Now my students can also practice their acrobatics exercises on the head and bend in all directions without the limitations of the ground. Also in yoga I can imagine the FeetUp wonderful for inversions.

Ever since I’ve been using the FeetUp, my world looks completely different. I am spending more time upside down than ever. And also women like acrobatic men! Even if the relationship has turned around here a little bit: Now it's me who lies at the womens feet! :D

I can really recommend the FeetUp® Trainer to anyone who wants to experience the world from a different angle.

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